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Posted 1 month ago

Today is awesome! You showed up for work, had a quick team meeting, and then sat down at your
desk. The calls started coming in from people who needed help. You answered calls, listened to those
customers tell you what they need, and you relied on your expertise to guide them. When you
encountered questions you couldn’t answer, there was a friendly Team Leader close at hand who not
only gave you the answer but provided on-the-spot training so you would always know how to handle
these questions in the future. When the incoming calls slow down, you turn your attention to follow-up
calls you conduct with customers to help them. You end your day knowing that you helped a lot of
customers and played an integral part of the 5 Star Plumbing team. You’re already looking forward to
Job Duties:
Work with the team: You stay in contact with your supervisor and your team to make sure the
workload is shared by everyone – you step up when you need to and you proactively step in to help
other team members when you can.
Develop your expertise: You listen carefully to each customer and use that information to guide the
customer to help them make the right decisions for the safety and comfort of their family. You
constantly build your expertise to provide even better guidance, and because our installers and experts
rely on your accuracy.
Master the telephone: You are comfortable using the phone. You listen well to customers, and you
can speak clearly and confidently. You’re comfortable with both in-bound calls and out-bound calls to
existing customers (no cold calling), and you can change course as necessary – perhaps dealing with an
upset customer on one call and then happily greeting the next caller and upselling them.
Job Requirements:
You’re a tech-savvy people person: You can communicate confidently via phone, mobile device,
text, and email; you can use the internet and our internal software to complete your work accurately.
You can multi-task and have attention to detail: You can enter information while a customer is
speaking, without allowing it to distract you. You are careful in the information you enter knowing that
other team members will be relying on it.
You’re flexible: You are able to work full-time hours but those hours might be day-time, evening,
and/or weekend shifts.
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